Self-powered Wireless Wall Switch


Self-powered 86 type transmitter and wiring receiver
Self-learning function as feel free to add transmitter and receiver
Works with radio frequency
Facet button
Colour: Champagne gold, Rose gold, Lvory white
Stable sensitivity and performance
Waterproof and anti sunshine
High temperature and low temperature resistance
Resistive load power consumption 1000W
Effective range 70m in a open area
10-Minute quick installation
No battery in the transmitter (Button)--Self-powered transmitter. just press the transmitter,then the energy harvesting technology will create the power,no need to change or use battery,so eco-friendly.
No cabling--No need to use any cable to connect the transmitter and receiver.
Remote  control--You   can   on/off   the   light/TVT/Fan/etc.  just  by pressing the transmitter,no need to walk close to the switch.
Long service life--Can be pressed for 80,000 times
Using--Plug it into any power outlet and make it instantly smarter.
CE,ROHS Certification

1pc*Electric transmitter
1pc*Electric receiver
1pc*Adhesive pad
2pairs*Magnetic nuts and screws
1pc*User manual