Self-powered Wireless Wall Switch


Self-powered round shape transmitter and wiring receiver
Self-learning function as feel free to add transmitter and receiver
Works with radio frequency
Exquisite button
Colour: Lvory white
Stable sensitivity and performance
Waterproof and anti sunshine
High temperature and low temperature resistance
Resistive load max power consumption 1000W  and inductive load max power consumption 1000W
Effective range 70m in a open area
10-Minute quick installation
No battery in the transmitter (Button)--Self-powered transmitter. just press the transmitter,then the energy harvesting technology will create the power,no need to change or use battery,so eco-friendly.
No cabling--No need to use any cable to connect the transmitter and receiver.
Remote  control--You can on/off the light/TVT/Fan/etc.jus by pressing the transmitter,no need to walk close to the switch.
Long service Life--Can be pressed for 80,000 times
Using--Plug it into any power outlet and make it instantly smarter.
CE,ROHS Certification

1pc*Electric transmitter
2pc*Electric receiver
1pc*Adhesive pad
4pairs*Magnetic nuts and screws
1pc*User manual